Noord-Beveland, sun of my spirit, light for my consciousness, lamp for my feet,
delicious region, balm for my soul, bearer of my unspeakable happiness, in rain, wind,
fog, strong wind and with frost you are my love and the gem that I gently, cautiously
concealing it from everyone, at my breast.   

 J.M.A. Biesheuvel (1939-2020)


Colijnsplaat, in short "Colijn"

Is a village on the Oosterschelde. It is located on the island of Noord-Beveland, known for its varied nature, endless views and the rugged Zeeland coastline shaped by history. Colijnsplaat has a national status as a "protected village sight". The village came into existence when the Oud-Noord-Beveland polder was reclaimed in 1598. The salt marsh 'Colinsplate' was partly diked in and that is how the village got its name.



In Roman times, the international trading port of Ganuenta was located northwest of today's Colijnsplaat. Its remains lie well protected deep in the bottom of the Oosterschelde. Nobody knew of its existence until fishermen accidentally brought antique altar stones to the surface in 1970. In 2005, a temple dedicated to the Celtic-Roman goddess of merchantmen Nehalennia was reconstructed in the village ( This replica can be visited daily.

During the 1953 flood disaster, several dozen men tried to stem the tide with their bodies. When it almost went wrong, a cargo ship was lifted out of the harbour by the raging water and thrown against the dike, exactly where the men were desperately defending the hole. This prevented the village from flooding. The monument 'Houen jongens' (1993) on that historic spot reminds us of this miracle. The village has no fewer than two windmills. They are two windmills dating from 1727 and 1864. De Oude Molen and Molen Nooit gedacht, the latter is better known as 'De Nieuwe Molen'.



Fishing village Colijnsplaat

Colijnsplaat is an active agricultural and fishing village. Fishing boats from Arnemuiden, Kortgene and Tholen can be found in the harbour. Places that have been closed off from the water in the course of time, so that the fishing boats have fled to other harbours. You can visit Colijnsplaat's fish auction, which is in operation every Thursday. Oosterschelde lobster is a speciality here. Be sure to visit the old wooden jetty in the harbour.

The annual Colijnsplaatse Dagen is held in August, a two-day event focusing on everything to do with fishing. Crabbing for the little ones, round trips on the Oosterschelde and, of course, eating fish. The event always ends with a big party in the fish market. See the events calendar for more events in Colijnsplaat.

Within walking distance of Residence Oude Haven is the fishing village of Colijnsplaat, with its unique Voorstraat, where you will find various cosy restaurants and shops. Every Thursday, fresh fish is brought ashore and you can experience how the fish is auctioned in the fish market. The adjacent marina is open all year round and offers plenty of opportunities for both active and passive sailors.